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Lets make a very simple mono audio FM transmitter
In this video i will show you how to make a 
FM Transmitter that is very easy to build.
Frequency: 90Mhz - 108Mhz
Current consumption: 11mA at 3v 
Working Voltage: 3 - 12v ,more Voltage more transmission range !
Stability: Not bad
Distance: 300ft - 3000ft, Penetrates through walls and ceilings.
RF Power: 3mW RF output at 3v and about 24mw at 9v
Parts List:

R1 Resistor: 47k
R2 Resistor: 47k
R3 Resistor: 22k
R4 Resistor: 68k
R5 Resistor: 270R
R6 Resistor: 47K

C1 Capacitor: 1n
C2 Capacitor: 1n
C3 Capacitor: 4.7uf
C4 Capacitor: 4.4uf
C5 Capacitor: 1n
C6 Capacitor: 10pf
C7 Capacitor: 33pf
C8 Capacitor: 100n
C9 Capacitor: 1n
C10 Capacitor:10pf
C11 Capacitor:33pf
C12 Capacitor:100nf

2n3904 transistor x 2
Antenna wire: 165cm wire
L1 Coil 5 turn 
L2 1uH
3.5mm audio cable
PP3 battery clip

Music written by Tom Cusack
Composer -- Tom Cusack
Music from www.freemusicforvideos.com