The EasyACC Bluetooth speaker gives your lots of flexibility on what type of device you use to deliver your music. It has the capability to pair through a bluetooth connection, a slot for an SD memory card (up to 16gigs), and auxiliary input, or through standard FM radio. While it may not provide booming sound it more than holds it own in this price range.


- Has several different playing modes including playing from SD video cards, FM radio, Bluetooth, or auxiliary inputs

- Can be used as a speakerphone

- Has a removable rechargeable battery - so when the battery dies it can be replaced.

- The bluetooth works very well - it is easy to pair and has significant range (it claims to be 10Meters/32 feet)

- The sound quality is about what I expected. The bass lacks depth and the top end sounds a bit shallow - but that does not mean that it sounds *bad* just that it tuned to to the middle range of the frequencies. However, it sounds as good or better than many of the other bluetooth speakers at this price point.

- Sound Volume is loud enough to fill an entire room - but it may not have the power to be heard at a distance when being used outside. The speaker has two drivers at 2watts each - for a total of 4 watts of power.

- I had some issues in being able to pull in FM radio stations when I was indoors

- Also works as a speakerphones

- Be sure to keep (and read) your instruction manual since some of the key commands are not intuitive.

Final Verdict - This is a speaker for people who want a lot of flexibility. While I had limited success with the FM radio the EasyACC Bluetooth speaker it still provides lots of flexibility, decent sound, and a nice value.

4 Stars

Please Note I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review