Enjoy music from your android phone with this Wireless FM Transmitter for Car Radio that lets you play your phone's music over your vehicle's radio stations. 

IMB aFM FM Transmitter lets you listen to your iPhone or Android Phone on your car's FM radio. The advanced audio circuitry rejects cell phone interference while the external antenna improves signal transmission, so you hear your music loud and clear. 

This wireless radio transmitter is the ultimate car companion for your iPhone or iPod. Compatible with most Apple® iPod® Android Phone and audio players with a 3.5mm headphone jack; plays your audio device through your car stereo

This FM Radio Transmitter also provides the convenience and safety of the hands free through your car fm radio quickly and easily.

Simple Plug and Play Gadget 

No Bluetooth!
No Setup!
No Battery!
No Wire!
No App!

iPhone FM Transmitter works best on OLDER cars. No matter if you have a cd, cassette, or 8 track player in your vehicle. This gadget will work beautifully with any FM radio.

Simple 3 Steps Operation 

1. Set your car radio dial or preset
2. Connect this gadget to your iPhone5 
3. Crank it up and enjoy