Whether it's the holidays, a birthday, an anniversary, or a retirement, there is often a reason to bring the tradition of gift giving into the office. With these special occasions also comes a slew of concerns. Employees or employers may find that they ask themselves questions concerning the nature of the gift, the message it may send, or what is a reasonable amount to send. While every office is different, asking your self these questions before purchasing a gift will help to ensure your gift is appropriate. 

Does your office have a gift giving policy? - Many offices have established a policy informing employees how they should handle gift giving. Reading up on your employee handbook or speaking to the Human Resources department in your office is a good way to find out if gift giving is accepted and if it is, what guidelines the company follows. Rules can be as strict as outlawing gift giving all together or they can simply set precautionary rules about what and how gifts can be given.

Is your gift appropriate for the office? - It's not unusual to form bonds with your co workers, but when giving gifts, you will want to steer clear ones that may be to personal and inappropriate. For example, while you and a coworker may feel a particular gag gift is very amusing, you run the risk of insulting the recipient or making other individuals in the office uncomfortable. If you find that your gift prompts you to ask "Is this out of line," consider searching for something a little less taboo.

Will your gift violate any dietary, spiritual, or personal rules the recipient must follow? - While everyone enjoys a basket full of gourmet goodies, not everyone can indulge in the gift. If your boss is on a special diet, the last thing you want to do is give a gift that they can't enjoy. The same is true when giving wine or spirits. Unless you're positive your co-worker is a die-hard red wine lover, steer clear of alcoholic gifts. Therefore when giving gifts that consist of food or beverages make it a point to take any diet, heath, religious, or personal restrictions into consideration

Can your gift be construed as a bribe or attempt to further your position with the company? - When giving gifts to senior staff members it's important to keep in mind that it is possible your gift can be seen as a bribe. It is suggested that if you are close to a promotion or if there is a possibility of advancement in your near future, that you steer clear of giving elaborate or unnecessary gifts. Unfortunately, even with the best of intentions you run the risk appearing as though you are "buying your way to the top."

How much should I spend? - Unfortunately, it's not always easy to set a price limit for gifts. This is particularly true for gift giving reasons other than holidays (Offices that practice gift giving during the holidays often set price limits). As a general rule, individual gifts should rarely exceed thirty-five to forty dollars. If you are interested in purchasing a gift that is more than fifty dollars, consider asking co-workers if they are interested in giving a gift as a group. This will save you money and it can limit any questions about your intentions when giving an expensive gift.

By Jennifer Wasilewski 

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