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The independent radio stations are happy about the first broadcast of Radio B138. Since 25 October, the Free Radio B138 sends the Upper Krems Valley (district of Kirchdorf in Upper Austria) to 90.4 MHz as training radio. With Radio B138 are currently 13 free radios in Austria on consignment. 

With the new addition is also acutely the question of the future financing of independent radio stations via a redesigned media promotion. 

The independent radio stations are an important factor for media pluralism in Austria for the past 10 years. Currently, 69 commercial and non-commercial private radio stations are licensed. 13 of these are not commercial-free radio stations, 50 commercial and some denominational channels without financial gain. The quality and the innovative nature of the programs in the Free Radio was recently confirmed again by the nomination of 9 programs and program series for Radio price of adult education - from all other public and private radio stations in Austria only 6 programs nominated! 

"In the commercial licenses unfortunately acts only part of the transmitter independently. Many are part of networks and take over mantle Programs. The Free Radio, in contrast, anchored almost exclusively locally and regionally! "Relativized Helmut Peissl, Chairman of VFRÖ, so also the already pleasing statistics. 

With Radio B138 comes three years after the Free Radio Freistadt again a free radios on air. The initiative for Radio B138 goes back to a project within the framework of the Festival of the Regions, 2007. Under the slogan "New Horizons in the ether" broadcast radio B138 in summer 2007, three weeks free local radio from the Upper Austrian village church - an idea and initiative of the independent radio stations in Linz, Freistadt and Salzkammergut. As a "Free Education Radio" Radio B138 focuses beside the open access especially to working with schools and local educational institutions. 

A still open yard is currently the future of federal funding for Free radio across Austria. 

Currently ÖVP and SPÖ also negotiate on the future "media package". The "old" Federal Government had announced a promotion for non-commercial radio and TV in 2009. The free radio call on all political leaders to advocate at the federal level for the rapid establishment of a promotion of non-commercial radio.