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Or: Why I do not believe that the "Alliance for Austria's Future" will ask the Governor about the March 2009 addition. 

I have been writing for over three years in primary occupation over the Carinthian State policy. Average twice a week I had it to do with the five weeks before fatally injured Governor Jörg Haider: press conferences, via his mouthpiece Stefan Petzner or by phone. I knew and know him not as good as his longtime collaborator, adversaries and journalistic opponents. But what I can say: they had obtained a fairly good insight into his political tsches everyday business off on regional headlines. His political talent sparkled particularly glaring from afar: admiration, hostile, or frightened. The national excitement was his drug. In the struggle of the plane he was panting like an old man sometimes. Behind the scenes, in the back rooms of government offices, where öffentlichkeitsarm concrete policy happens- no: will be made - it is medienungewandten his political opponents of SPÖ and ÖVP (so they could not agree) often succumbed. The dull, niggling political carpenters, who forced him to the ground of reality. Thus, a translator is of Haider Hospital Manager (Dieter Mandl, whose job it was to hit the "red" hospital operating ripe for attack) within discontinued a few months before his death. At the same time the chairman of the board of the Carinthian hospitals, Haider confidant Martin Strutz had to go. Gulliver Haider had lost a decisive battle. But the dwarves stalked each other too suspicious, were fiercely hostile to each other, to overthrow the seemingly overpowering akkordiert Governor. 

Back to person Jörg Haider: He was an exceptional politician who had the two-party political system in Austria positively legally revamped from the ground up, SPÖ Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer praised him (in spirit) posthumously. That may be true to some extent - even if the erosion of the two-party republic was also reinforced by the shows, the Greens and ultimately happened to the beat of a globalized development. The two major parties have lost with or without Haider in power. You please look over the border to Germany, where have precipitated by considerably less garish political personalities supremacy of the SPD and the CDU / CSU. 

Not to be forgotten is that the much-criticized and opposed by the blood of him grand coalition is only created in 1986 as a defensive reaction against Haider. Haider presented himself as the solution of a "problem" that he himself had created: After his coup-election to the FPÖ leader of the Socialist Federal Chancellor Franz Vranitzky blasted the ruling to date tend to be left-liberal red-blue coalition and won the Conservatives into government bed. So much for the myth. 

Is relatively uncontroversial that his political strength not ideological appeal was owed. His familial, loose roots in National Socialism proved to be equally as advantageous in certain circles as a millstone (1991 cost him the governor). Real Politically a zero-sum game: After being voted out, he learned from it and played henceforth only with ideology, groped zoom careful recoiled when it was tough. Haider was a Alpine Berlusconi, not even a George Schönerer, at best, a Karl Lueger. 

His great strength was - as I go d'accord with Michael Fleischhacker - is, in the cool and highly efficient analysis of the political architecture of the country, which he did successfully cultivated for himself. He did not care about ideological design options but purely and simply about power. His honor was odd. Haider analyzed and but not only used only realpolitik, but also the media landscape: As no one before him, he played with journalists in his early years as an opposition politician he put them exclusive stories, later especially - as governor - he produced headlines churning , It was often noted that he laughed in the nineties years almost every month by the News-cover ("one week tits, a week Haider" was then the editorial default). Later, especially the quality media were crabby and refused to mutual Odds Deal (Kleine Zeitung not printed his famous signpost-Verrückungsfotos, the butterfly imposed at all a Haider-photo ban No kidding. That was it, what then as Haider "media incitement "designated. Not the negative headlines). 

The sober-disparaging views of the Austria Siche political system inherited his orange successor. The intellectuality to use the structures for itself not. The new AAF-Governor Gerhard Dörfler feel really believes what he says. The first makes no difference because his policy is only one, just one-dimensional Haider'sche estate management in the short term. The first is frightening because it leaves no doubt as to what kind of person is a man who also goes away unmoved, that in Carinthia assassinations perpetrated in Haider's name. Ultimately, the villagers but makes a (and bad) ideologues who has to compete with the traditional parties on the good old way in the battle of ideas. And if it does not completely screw up the red-black political carpenter, he can only lose.