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The criticism of the Pope is growing, not only in the media. The Vatican already ask employees whether the Holy Spirit the Holy Father advises the right thing. 

The Holy Spirit ", so said Pope Benedict XVI. on Sunday in St. Peter's Square in Rome, "also speaks to us through the Church". But still many Catholics, non-Catholics and even Vatican employees wonder whether the Holy Spirit currently advises the thing: After the controversial resumption of four bishops of the ultra-conservative Society of St. Pius Catholic Church in the criticism of the Pope continues to grow. 

Deselecting? On Monday delivered news agencies already do answers to questions like "Can a Pope be voted out?" And "Can a pope resign?": Four years after his election seems prudent benevolence towards Benedict XVI. turn into massive criticism of his administration. The criticism is reinforced by the appointment of conservative priest Gerhard Maria Wagner auxiliary bishop of Linz. Wagner says of himself: "I seek a confrontation". Seek them out and the Pope? "That the Pope has always been rather conservative, is nothing new, but it had just expected that he would be something central," said a Vatican employee German diplomatic. 

There is no alternative. On the other hand, the Pope had against the four bishops of the SSPX hardly have done otherwise ". The bishops have asked the Pope for leniency and he had to do what a good shepherd must make" Two kinds of perception blazing now with: The Vatican sees the remission of the excommunication, the denial of the Holocaust by Bishop Williamson and now the appointment of Auxiliary Bishop of Linz as independent of each other - the public sees this as planned "shift to the right". 

Tug for influence. Regardless of the current situation Vatican observers actually believe that "right Italian circles" trying to expand its influence in the Curia. An example of this is the campaign for the beatification of Pope Pius XII controversial. But not only the course of the nave raises questions, even the communication on board is wrong. "There are many small circles that sit on projects and not vote," said a Vatican employee, "regardless of losses".