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Vienna (OTS) - feminists against machos 68s against 78s, countries against Vienna: Welcome to the petty-bourgeois Greens. 

Often a word is sufficient to describe a relationship sufficient. "Solidarity candidacy" is a particularly successful example. a Euphemism. Sounds nice, but did not mean it. with a such "solidarity candidacy" on a list of rear seats for the EU election he wanted the Greens bring additional voices explained Voggenhuber meek ​​- in the tradition of (rear-) cunning wolf from Grimm's fairy tales. The green guide recognized the intent and was out of tune. For the solidarity Voggenhubers should benefit primarily Voggenhuber itself, the campaign with a preferential votes would come from behind can roll up. A - as we Andreas Mölzer "Solidarity candidacy" for the FPÖ in the EU 2004 campaign know - not too difficult. Seven percent of the votes of a Suffice as a party preference votes to be pre-classified. What followed was a relatively bitter even for green ratios led power struggle. 68s against 78s. Women against men. the 

Province against the center. At the end Voggenhuber was the Extended federal board with 17 to twelve votes in the knee forced and definitively removed from the EU list. This outlet has even John the Difficult not deserve. Although he responsible for the greatest tactical blunder itself has he had on the Federal Congress in mid-January just to be lined up the rear, rather than after a lost election to square one hurt to leave the convent and his farewell to proclaim from politics, he would now be on the list. 

Later he wanted to make this mistake reversed - but it was too late. Where Voggenhuber now speculates that the intriguers in him his party definitely had then let slip - also at a possible bid for second place. 

The case Voggenhuber shows one thing clear: The Greens are a become small-minded, petty-bourgeois party, in which the Resentment is more important than the generosity in dealing with troublesome, but unconventional combatants who have proven to that they can win elections. Instead fundamentalists and realists prevail with the Greens now the normal people. Peace is the first duty of the citizen. the indeed was already under Alexander Van der Bellen so, but the Professor was nevertheless able by virtue of his natural Authority, the individual panels and self Actor halfway in To maintain balance. 

It would have been an interesting discussion, so a Preferential voting campaign. Especially in an election to the European Parliament, in the lack of interest and low turnout inherent in the system to seem to be. Voggenhuber would the voters spectrum over Lunacek also can expand. The votes for both were ultimately the same party, the Greens, has also benefited. But can it be apparently afford to reject the offer. 

Behind the case Voggenhuber but is still more: the one of Generation gap between the 68ers as Voggenhuber or Peter Pilz and 78ern as Eva Glawischnig and Ulrike Lunacek, the more of the environmental movement (Zwentendorf in 1978 and subsequently Hainburg 1984) were socialized. Secondly, the green-green Battle of the sexes. The old men of the party, so it insinuates also 

Voggenhuber, would gradually from the power-conscious women who now call the shots, marginalized. Sexism once the other way. it but is also affecting younger men, such as Federal Efgani Dönmez that recently the end of a harmless-flippant Sager Displeasure of the green ladies elite has suffered. That is precisely the emancipated Greens once mutually the "sexism" to -Vorwürfe will cut the ears, who would have thought? The irony is in the band domestic politics Annals deserves a prominent place. 

Eva Glawischnig, the new Green Party leader, has provisionally enforced: The unruly Voggenhuber was his place referred, preferred candidate Ulrike Lunacek - against their professional Suitability of course nothing speaks - on the first list position concreted. Functionary democracy instead of grassroots democracy calls this the former party leader Christoph Canons with a cynical undertone. 

So you win intraparty power struggles. Elections to win so do not.