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Hope in the end of a 5,000 year old cruel ritual Rausdorf (ots) - Millions of girls may hope: to protect by Islam before the cruel ritual of female genital mutilation. What international conference in November 2006 on the Islamic Scholar in the spiritual center of Islam, in the Azhar at Cairo, it was decided, is now in the form of GOLDEN OOK of TARGET worn in the world. 

All eleven seconds must a girl world the crime of Undergo female genital mutilation. And thus lifelong Suffering, humiliation, often death. Worldwide, 150 million women affected. TARGET, Rüdiger Nehbergs human rights organization, has found that crime. With a new, bold approach. 

Most victims live in the area of the Sahara and are thus Muslim women. That's why the human Rüdiger Nehberg, together with his wife Annette Weber, in Islam the reatest force, to stop the crime. However, in these countries are also the Girls of other religions genital mutilation delivered. TARGET has succeeded in the Azhar at Cairo conference that the international elite of Muslim faith leaders to practice in a Legal opinion (fatwa) to a crime against the highest values ​​of Declared Islam. Patron of this conference, the story wrote and will write, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, Prof. Dr. was Ali Gom'a, powerful man in the Ministry of Justice, responsible for theological law. Now appeared "THE GOLDEN BOOK" with the contents the conference. It is the message of Cairo in the mosques and so bring to the people. 

The start has been made: In the vast desert country of Mauritania (West Africa), the book is already on the way to the mosques. "The Book is given a place of honor ext to my Koran! "Mauritania Hamden Ould Tah Grand Mufti and his scholars had the book of two North German human rights activists tested, of Islam found worthy and distributed to the Imams (preachers). "A compliment of such eminent point for us was the most beautiful message of Year, "said Annette Weber financed and Rüdiger Nehberg. Is the Book and its distribution of TARGET. To reach the final destination, is also large foreign financial support is required, 

Nehberg. "We plan the GOLDEN BOOK of all mosques in the 35 To distribute mutilation countries, because we are convinced that the girl the greatest protection against life-long unimaginable suffering brings, for me the biggest civil war all time. "8000 girls are mutilated every day (UN estimate). In the worst form of genital mutilation dies every third girl directly from the consequences. also in Europe, and thus Germany, daughters of immigrants are from these countries threatened by FGM. Most take the operation in the Before school holidays in their home countries. 

From the Danakil Desert in Ethiopia is good news. there TARGET operates in semi-nomadic people of Afar a traveling Infirmary. Annette Weber: "In some areas of our work has already borne fruit the message. Our doctor has in some areas not a single girl more than four years has encountered, which was mutilated. "And Rüdiger Nehberg adds added: "This exemplary cooperation with our Islamic Partners has also still a very valuable side effect. It shows the world a different Islam than the terrorists draw. "