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This is a video that shows how the Keykeeper and I installed the Antennacraft FMSS outdoor FM antenna along with a signal amplifier that also functions as a splitter. This will later feed a stereo receiver and an HD Radio tuner.


I'm very much in agreement with the reviews. This antenna works very well. If you have a place to put it, it will dramatically improve the reception of FM radio in your area. At the end of the video, you are hearing a station that is playing from approximately 40 miles away. At $25, this outdoor FM antenna is a steal if you need one.

Should you want to put an antenna up but don't feel comfortable climbing up on the roof or your antenna mast to do it, you could also hang this antenna in your attic if there is room. It would still perform reasonably well.

Note that an omnidirectional FM antenna won't work well for everyone. If you live near a water tower or similar large metal object, you may need a directional antenna for good quality sound.