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Make FM signal Booster (DIY FM Preamplifier). this FM signal booster, signal amplifier, or known as FM preamplifier will improve the performance and reception of your FM Radio receiver or FM Tuner. adding this signal booster can improve signal quality from distant FM station and easily outperform the built-in telescopic whip antenna performance or stock antenna.


In video above, i use MMIC from Infineon, BGA614 as active component. signal booster using MMIC have benefits, it can be stable performance, without cross modulation, low noise, and high gain. signal booster amplifier with MMIC often called as LNA (low noise amplifier).


In video test, you can see my radio can receive improved signal from +/- 100 km away station Mercury FM 96 Surabaya. this signal amplifier booster is work well on entire FM spectrum.