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FM Transmitter Hack - No more static!
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Alright what's up? Today I'm just going to show you guys just a little hack, I guess you could say, that you can do with your FM transmitters that you have in your car with your for your iPod or whatever MP3 player you have. If your car stereo can go down, I'll show you, can go down past below 88.1. Mine only goes to 87.7 and 87.9, that's two. Well, these, anything below 88.1 is below US frequencies, and nothing in the U.S. will be on these frequencies so if your car can go down to 87.7 or 87.9 for example. I leave mine on 87.7 and your FM transmitter, if you can set it to international mode. For example on this Griffin iTrip I have right here I can set it to international mode by going to Function and going to Mode and holding down the middle button for about ten seconds and the Griffin, you'll see the Griffin logo pop up or drop down depending on which mode you just switched to. Now I set mine on international mode right now and I can go down to however far I want to, I think all the way down to 79 I think. So this is all below US frequencies too. So I just set mine to 87.7 and now I'll show you guys. I'll turn the volume all the way up. If you can hear that's really loud. The only reason youíre hearing that is because I got the stereo turned up all the way. Now I'll start playing some music on my iPod through the, this is through the FM transmitter right now on international mode. Ok so as you can see there's no static or anything, and it'll be like that wherever you go. It'll stay like that. You wonít have to change stations or your channels. You don't have to mess with your fm transmitter anymore. So that's a cool little thing if your car can do that and your transmitter both have those capabilities. I suggest you do that. You won't have to mess with it anymore and you'll have crystal clear audio wherever you are. If you guys enjoyed that please subscribe and I'll see you guys later.

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FM Transmitter Tip: No More Static!